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Established in November 20,1997,Huanghe Motor Die & Mould Co.,Ltd, is located at Fuzhuang Industrial Park,which is one kilometer south?to Botou City Hebei Province,China’sfamous honetown ofcasting,covering alang area of 3 9000 m2 and construction area of 12000 m2 .It is wasily accessible with Beijing-Shanghai Railway and National High wany No.104 on the west and JingFu Expresswany on the east. ……
Add: Fuzhuang Developmengt Area,south to Botou City ,Hebei P.C
Tel: 0317-8185763 8195758
Fax: 0317-8195836
E-mail: hhmj88@163.com
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Address:Fuzhuang Developmengt Area,south to Botou City ,Hebei P.C Tel:0317-8185763 8195758 Fax:0317-8195836